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BC12 project was launched by Yunjeong Lee and Katy Park in January 2022. 

BC12 stands for Beloved Companion 12.  12 symbolizes new heaven and new earth which we wish to transform into a new world from the past.  


We had a hard time through the pandemic, then we saw the  Russian invasion of Ukraine, rising crime and economic turmoil.  In these turbulent times, we encourage people to send the postcard to share love, blessings and consolation. 


We are posting the images of postcards on and Youtube . 

Also, we held a physical exhibit of the BC12 project at the Gallery Arch in Korea.  We sold postcards donated by participants, the proceeds of which were used to help a 7 year old boy with Down Syndrome .


The pandemic has inspired us to believe that global pain and suffering can be healed through love and compassion.  

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