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Are you ready?  You can join our Duo Art project!



BC12 project is being launched in support of Art For Wood and the Gallery Arche, hosted by Kyungwon Park (Katy Park) and Yunjeong Lee.



For the victims, their families, and whoever is in need of consolation around the world due to the global pandemic as well as the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we would like to create an online exhibition that shares the warmth of postcards with blessings and love. 


Anyone from anywhere in the world can participate if they have the desire to deliver blessing, remembrance, comfort and love to each other.

There is no restriction on age or occupation.



BC12 participation postcards must be donated with image usage rights.  Donated postcards may be used for purposes other than exhibition, and the proceeds from sales will benefit the needy through Art For Wood ( in New York, NJGCF in New Jersey and/or Dental Medical Mission ( in Seoul, Korea. 



BC12 postcards have been displayed as a promotion on Facebook in January 2022.  

An exhibition is going on at the Gallery Arche in Korea and online exhibition is showing on YouTube and/or since March, 2022. 

How to participate

1. Complete the form.

2. Submission deadline: Rolling Submission - on a continuous basis until further notice.

3. Size and method:

    Use 5x7 inch (13x18cm) postcard-sized paper. 

    You may use any method, such as drawing, text, photo, Pigment print.  Multiple submissions allowed.

4. Signature, year of creation to be written on the front of the postcard.

5. Information and condition to be written on the back of the postcard (required):

    Please include your name, email address (contact information), materials used, country name,

    and write “I hereby donate image usage rights and BC12 postcard to Kyungwon Park and Yunjeong Lee”.  

    Artists are advised to list prices.

6. Send the front and back photos of the postcard image to

7. Send the original postcard to Kyungwon Park, Gallery Arche, Gangnam-gu, Hakdong-ro 411, 607Ho,  zip code 135100, Seoul,  Korea

    (“서울특별시 강남구 학동로 411, 607호  우편번호 06069 갤러리 아르케 박경원 관장 귀하”). 


* If you have further questions, please contact:  

    President of BC12, US Chapter   Chloe Juhyung Yim


 We look forward to receiving your BC12 postcard. 


***Please bear in mind that the above may be subject to change.

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