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Yunjeong Lee

(  Tel: 201 661 1463 )                                                       



1995 School of Visual Arts, NY USA MFA

1993 Ewha Womans University, Seoul Korea MFA 

1991 Ewha Womans University, Seoul Korea BA


Award & Scholarship

1990 Jung Ang Art Grand Competition, Ho-am Art Museum, Seoul Korea

1990 Korea Art Grand Competition, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, 

         Gwacheon Korea 

1994 Merit Scholarship, School of Visual Arts, NY USA

2022 Certificate of Mayer, Artist of the Year Award, NJ USA


Solo Exhibition

1996 Yunjeong Lee Solo Show, Chongro Gallery, Seoul Korea

1994 Yunjeong Lee Solo Show, School of Visual Arts Gallery, NY USA


Group Exhibition


           601Artspace, Shared Dialogue, Shared Space, NY USA 

           SDSS “Against Anti-Asian Sentiments”, Murray Hill Station, NY USA

           SDSS  Mott Haven Art Block Party, NY USA

           Gallery Arche, BC12 Project,  Seoul Korea

           YESAMO USA, Rotunda Gallery, NJ USA

           Image Pattern and Texture Group Exhibition, Rotunda Gallery, NJ USA

2021  As if we could lift the earth, Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul Korea

           Memorial Exhibition in honor of the late Michael Yun, Rotunda Gallery, NJ USA

2020  WYWM, Rotunda Gallery, NJ USA

           Dedication curated by Paris Koh, Online Exhibition 

2019  Praise and Glory, Family Touch, NJ USA

           Still, Judy Chang Law Firm, NJ USA

           Benefit Art Exhibition by Nokmee, KCC, NJ USA

           The Other Side, Korea kulturhaus österreich, Vienna Austria

           Beyond the Imagination, Piermont Flywheel Gallery, NY USA

           4+U, Special Show for 2 years Anniversary Invited by Millennium Bank, NY USA  

           Vernal  Fever, Curated by Ahl Foundation’s Hyeseong Margaret tae, 

           Bank of Hope, NY

2018   Nokmee, Able Fine Art, NY USA

           Community of Unity, K&P Gallery, NY USA

           Blessing Group Exhibition, K&P Gallery, NY USA 

           Oneness, K&P Gallery, NY USA

2017   Good bye 2017, K&P Gallery, NY USA

2001   Nokmee, New Century Gallery, NY USA

2000   Nokmee, Agora Gallery, NY USA

1998   Golden Roots, Wing Luke Asian Museum, WA USA

            K-A-A-W, Washington Convention Center, WA USA

1995   Beauty and the Public: America’s most wanted painting,

           Curated by Komar and Melamid, Visual Arts Gallery, NY USA

           Selections from MFA Special Projects, Curated by Gregory Amenoff, 

           Visual Arts Gallery, NY USA

           Korea Art Tashkent Exhibition, Tashkent National Art Center, 

           Tashkent Uzbekistan

1994   6 ways, Group Show, Curated by Sam Cady, Visual Arts Gallery, NY USA

1991   Independent Show, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art,                             

           Gwacheon Korea 

           All, Group Show, Batangol Museum of Art, Seoul Korea

           East-West Culture, Group Show, Gwanhun Gallery, Seoul Korea

           Duo Exhibition, Soojin Kim & Yunjeong Lee, Gwanhun Gallery, Seoul Korea

1990   New Young Artists Show, Cheong Nyun Gallery, Seoul Korea

           Jung Ang Art Grand Competition, Ho-Am Art Museum, Seoul Korea

           Korea Art Grand Competition, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary  

           Art, Gwacheon Korea


2022 January Rotunda Gallery 

KCMB-TV interview

​  News

NJ Story  P43

Mom & I June 2020  P22

NY Korea Times 2019

NY Korea Times December 2019

NY Korea Times 2019

Yunjeong Lee was born in Seoul, Korea, where she attended Ewha Womans University and obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts and her first Master of Fine Arts. She received her second Master of Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in New York City, where she was also the recipient of a merit scholarship.  Lee held solo exhibitions in the United States and Korea, and participated in group exhibition in Vienna (Austria), New York, Seattle, and Seoul. She received awards from Jung Ang Art Grand Competition and Korea Art Grand Competition.  Lee currently resides in Brooklyn, New York and works for the BC12 Project with Katy Park who is president of Gallery Arche since January 2022.


Artist's Note (2019-2021)

Yunjeong Lee works to inspire us to transform the burden we face in our lives through spiritual enlightenment and in our journey of Kairos.  For the artist, spiritual light occupies an important role in her life, which has the power to guide, anoint and transform.  Through light and sight, the mirror as a physical medium can easily transform the reflected images.  At the same time, the mirror has special powers for spiritual path, which can transform the journey from Chronos to Kairos. 


Yunjeong Lee uses mirrors as spiritual and material objects to evoke the importance of inevitable encounters through the power of hidden spaces, where vibrations can occur and an awakening takes place between mirrors and viewers. The spiritual transformation is formed at a junction where the sky touches the ground, in space and time of Kairos, and from there she expresses the fourth dimensional experiences through installation. 


For transformation, there had to be a state of cleanliness through the act of washing, which is achieved through repentance, free from idols, fiction, and lies that hold the ego.  And transformation is acquired through spiritual discipline and through the numerous challenges we face and conquer. The artist highlights our collective revival and re-birth through transformation by using mirrors as the spiritual path to illuminate their infinite and unpredictable power, where miracles exist in the space and time of Kairos. 

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